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PULPED! is a Podcast dedicated to the creators and fans of New Pulp! New Pulp, heroic fiction by modern artists written with the sensibility and in the tradition of the Pulp genre! Pulp creators Barry Reese, Derrick Ferguson, Ron Fortier, and Tommy Hancock are the helmsen of this venture and will bring New Pulp discussion, guests, debates, news, and even New Pulp's very own spokesperson, The Pulptress, to PULPED! each week! If you like your fiction heroic, if you seek adventure and action in every word you read, then come on in, take a seat, and get PULPED! PULPED! will post each Monday!

In the first ever and hopefully of many shows focused on NEW PULP material on the day it is released, Tommy and Barry get Pulpy with Paul Malmont, New Pulp author, about his latest book-THE ASTOUNDING, THE AMAZING, AND THE UNKNOWN, released July 5th (today!) from Simon and Schuster!   This sequel to THE CHINATOWN DEATH CLOUD PERIL continues Malmont's fantastic pulpization of the lives of well known classic Pulp authors and those close to him!  Join PULPED! as we talk about real life history versus pulp fiction, the way Malmont uses the classic pulp cast in a New Pulp way and how New Pulp definitely figures into today's reading and has an impact with a modern audience!  No News and Pulptress in the specials, but there's enough Pulp here to satisfy any fan!


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All music used in this podcast is either in the Public Domain or used under an appropriate Creative Commons license. The opening and closing themes were performed and recorded by The Red Hook Ramblers.


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